Everyone gets a drink


5% (7.5M) of total supply of coins minted in future will be allocated to the developer pools for maintenance of operations and further developments of IFOSWAP.

Maximum Farming Rewards

75% (112.5M) of total supply of future coins will for the distribution as incentive for staking and farming on IFOSWAP

Emission Rate

  • Reward per Block - 1.066 H2O
  • Daily Emission (based on 28.8k blocks per day) - 30,700.80 H2O per day

Deflationary Mechanics

  • Farms & Pools will get H2O depending on the multiplier shown on the top right corner
  • ~6.191% will be sent to the developer's address for further development of the platform


Farmers – 93.8% of the rewards per block (1 H2O)
Farmers daily - 28,800 H2O (based on 28,800 blocks per day)
Devs & Incentives - ~6.191% of the rewards per block (0.066 H2O)


IFOSwap collects a 3% deposit fee. This will be used in the following manner:
  • 1% - to buy back H2O and burn to shrink supply and increase prices of H2O
  • 1.5% - to buy H2O to be redistributed to the swap traders who trade in our Farms ( Reservoirs )
  • 0.5% - Marketing fee for Commissions